Vortex Live Gold provides a more complete line of services to keep your computer up to par. This subscription provides all the items of the Vortex Live Silver package plus monthly pc health reports to constantly inform you of your pc status. Vortex Live Gold also gives you website access control. This function allows you to decide what websites can be accessed from your computer and which ones can’t. Website access control can block sites with pornography, gambling, file sharing, drugs, etc. or any website of your choosing.

Vortex Live Gold includes all the tools of Vortex Live Silver:



If there are any issues that cannot be resolved remotely, we will promptly send out an onsite systems engineer to your location. While subscribed to Vortex Live Gold, you will have an onsite deductible of $100 (per incident). This means that regardless of however much work is needed at your home, you’ll never spend more than your deductible!

Please note: A $40 one-time setup fee will be charged at time of purchase.