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Buy our Silver Package Buy our Gold Package Buy our Platinum Package Phone Support

We will assist you via phone at our local or toll free number.




Online Chat Session

During a remote session, we can chat with you online to assist with problems or issues.




E-Mail Support

Feel free to send us an email of any problems you are having. You can expect a reply within 24hrs.





Proactive Alerts

One of our great tools is Proactive Alerts. This allows us to get up-to-date information about your computer before you notice a problem. We get alerts regarding hard drive size, memory usage, antivirus updates, harmful software installation, etc.






Access to Next Available Technician

Vortex will queue your phone calls, emails, helpdesk tickets to the next available technician to ensure your problems are addressed immediately.





PC Recommendations

At any time, feel free to give us a call regarding your interest in a new peripheral, desktop computer or laptop and we’ll tell you our pros and cons about the device in question.





Helpdesk Ticketing

For all Vortex Live customers, we provide an online helpdesk for you to fill out request that are sent to our engineers. We also log and track all contact made with our engineers to ensure client history is accurate and up-to-date.






On-site Visit

Whenever there is an issue that cannot be resolved remotely, your Vortex Live plan will provide for a maximum deductible for on-site repair. The plan ranges from $200 to as little as $50 (per incident).






Remote Control Access

Our Vortex engineers will use the latest technology to remotely control and manage your computer for troubleshooting, diagnostics, and remedying situations.





Monthly PC Health Reports

Each month, we will send out a report showing the current state of your computer including software installed, alerts for that month, recommended fixes, and any other pertinent information related to your device.






Customer Remote Access

With Customer Remote Access, customers can access their own computer from anywhere in the world via the same portal we use to troubleshoot. This is a streamlined link that gives direct access without the need to install any additional software.










Buy our Silver Package Buy our Gold Package Buy our Platinum Package

New Peripheral Installation

Whether a new printer or scanner, Vortex will assist in the installation of the device.




Component Troubleshooting

We will troubleshoot and fix any issue with the components of the computer. This includes the mouse, keyboard, monitor, and any peripheral attached.





Wireless Network Set-up

Vortex will configure your wireless network as needed to ensure data is properly transmitted and received.





Device Configuration

Got a new device? We can help. Vortex will assist with iPods, cameras, and other devices that you normally connect to your computer.









Buy our Silver Package Buy our Gold Package Buy our Platinum Package

Operating System Help

Help is only a phone call away. We will assist with Window XP (all versions) and Windows Vista (all versions). Let us know where we can help!





Application Troubleshooting

If you’ve got an application that’s constantly crashing, Vortex can help. We will troubleshoot the application at hand and come up with a permanent solution to the problem.





Software Installation/Removal

Vortex will remotely install or remove any application you deem necessary.




Spyware/Virus Removal

If you’ve noticed a trojan or spyware application popup, we will happily remove it and verify that the problem has been eradicated.





Website Access Control

This function allows you to decide what websites can be accessed from your computer and which ones can’t. Website access control can block sites with pornography, gambling, file sharing, drugs, etc. or any website of your choosing.






Performance Tune-Ups

Vortex will schedule remote maintenance of your computer to ensure that it is running in its highest capacity. This includes defrags, virus scans, spyware removal, desktop cleaning, rogue application deletion, installation of Microsoft updates, etc.










Buy our Silver Package Buy our Gold Package Buy our Platinum Package

Remote Data Storage

Vortex Live includes the backup and storage of your important documents. This allows for access to your precious data in case of an emergency or hardware failure.





Managed Automated Backups

We will schedule and verify that backups occur unobtrusively and efficiently on our computer.




Document Restoration & Retrieval

In an unexpected situation, Vortex can provide a copy of any file that has been backed up remotely. We can also retrieve a set of data based on date ranges.