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Problem Solving in
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Vortex Computer Systems is tailored for customers to experience in home IT service at a fraction of the market cost. Work that cannot be completed in home will be moved back to the Vortex Lab to be promptly repaired and returned to the customer.


Our pricing model is as follows:
Drive out & Analysis: $40 | Hourly Charge: $75

Vortex Perks

  • 48hr turnaround time if your PC goes back to the Vortex Lab!
  • Return customers get 20% off labor!
  • If we fix it in the first 15 minutes, labor is free!
  • We guarantee our systems engineers will be to your location during their scheduled time frame or the drive out
    & analysis fee will be free!
Virus Removal
We know how much you hate viruses. We do too. Viruses can be very harmful to your data on your computer and some viruses have even been known to cause computer crashes and total breakdowns. Our extensive virus search and removal methods provide excellent results in getting rid of pesky worms, trojans, and backdoors (all often known as viruses) from your precious laptops and desktops. Our finished goal is to ensure that you stay virus-free.

Spyware Cleaning
When we hear of “spyware” most people think of something from a James Bond movie. Unfortunately, this is something much more serious and potentially harmful. Spyware can infiltrate your computer and use dreadful tools to gather your personal data from websites you visit. This info is then collected by a back-end host, which may sell your data for identity theft purposes. Cleaning of spyware is a bit more involved than viruses (due to the installation methods of spyware) but can be completed removed from your system without a trace. Afterwards, we’ll show you how to keep future incidents from occurring.

Wireless Installs
New to wireless? We can help! We know that today’s leading technology in wireless can be cumbersome to some and out-right impossible to others. We are here to assist in setting up your wireless network at home for all your computers to access (that are wireless-capable).
We will even show you how to protect your investment from those who want to gain unlawful access. Vortex has you covered.

Custom Computer Builds
At VCS, we know that some of our customers want more than just the standard computer you buy off the shelf. Let us meet with you to get vital information for your next computer purchase. We will then tailor a system around your wants and needs that will be perfect for you. All parts will be backed by a 1 year warranty with extended service plans available.

Laptop Repair
Laptops are becoming increasingly popular with all generations of computer users. With the growth of usage also comes the growth of technical problems and malfunctions. We will service your laptop for any software or hardware upgrades that you may want and any technical issues that may have arose. We are here to ensure that your computing mobility continues as efficiently and effortlessly as possible.
Data Backup & Recovery
Have you ever lost important data due to a computer crash? We are here to make sure that never happens again. Most of the time, the new computer owner is not informed that data backup is just as important as initial data storage. We take pride in setting our customers up with the best backup solution for them and make sure that it runs as it should. For data that has been potentially lost, we will perform deep diagnostics on your storage device to recover any information that is available.
Email Setup
Some customers prefer the use of web-based clients for their email needs. Other customers sometimes want a little bit more out of email. Let us come in and setup your email to work with an existing mail client that suites your needs best. We are experienced in your top mail clients, including MS Outlook Express, MS Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, Mac Mail, MS Entourage, etc…
Software Install
New software? No problem. We are here to install any software package that you’ve purchased for your new or existing computer. We will start by verifying the hardware requirements of the software to ensure proper functionality and make any needed suggestions. After the install, we will confirm that there are no conflicts with any other application package (or suite) on your computer.
Hardware Upgrades
Are you interested in getting more usage out of that older computer? Let us take a look at it for a possible hardware upgrade. Some computers can perform 100% better after a simple hardware upgrade and possible performance tuning. VCS will take a fine microscope to the inner workings of your computer to decide the best course of action in getting your computer back to satisfactory condition. This includes memory upgrades, adding storage space, processor speed increase, and additional internal and external peripherals.