We are Vortex
We strive to provide an excellent level of dedication and service to all of your Information Technology needs.  From virus and spyware infections on your laptop or desktop to Microsoft Exchange deployments in an Active Directory environment, we are equipped to handle all of your needs. We are Vortex.
Our Design
The design of Vortex Computer Systems is tailored for customers to experience in home IT service at a fraction of the market cost. Work that cannot be completed in home will be moved back to the Vortex Lab to be promptly repaired and returned to the customer. This design is the same for small and medium size businesses. The overall goal is to provide corporate IT services to everyone alike.
Competitive Pricing
Here at Vortex Computer Systems we’ve structured our pricing to best suit the customer’s needs.  We charge on an hourly basis with a minimal drive out fee associated. Task that require extensive work are then bundled at a set cost regardless of the amount of time needed.

Our latest research has brought us to a new way of servicing our clients; with Vortex Live. The goal of Vortex Live is simple: Bringing the corporate IT model home to all users. We provide the latest technology in alerting customers to issues, troubleshooting through the problem, and providing an end-to-end solution, with very little customer interaction. Consider this true freedom from IT woes.